20 June 2019 | THURSDAY
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
– The Unique Platform –

SERMEx is an event specially designed for the ones who highly sought after security, risk and crisis management professionals and practitioners to meet-up, greet and exchange ideas. Sharing new wave thought lines, influencing one another, impacting security management and transforming the security architecture today has been our passion and mission. The security world is one in which we are constantly in search of the most appropriate actions and reactions in response to the threats and challenges faced in an ever evolving and dynamic security frontier.

The Board of the Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management is staging this inaugural event in Kuala Lumpur and inviting professionals across businesses and industries to seize the opportunity to be an audience to a thought provoking agenda presented to create a revitalising experience for all those who would be partaking in the invigorating indulgence of SERMEx commissioned for the decision making practitioners at the strategic, operational and tactical apex of businesses.

Indisputably SERMEx is expected to be a unique experience. A distinctive event which had never been held before with such format and sequence of speakers and topic where great ideas are unleashed, networked and brought to life. Experience the finesse, flair, grace and elegance at SERMEx.

FAQ: Speaking At SERMEx

SERMEx isn’t a typical conference. The SERMEx audience has high expectations of the speakers; the SERMEx speaker team works with speakers well in advance of the conference to help shape a presentation that will succeed on the SERMEx stage. SERMEx is the place to give the talk in your career.

Can I suggest myself as a speaker?


I want to speak at SERMEx, but my usual talk runs 50 minutes. Can I get a longer slot?
We strictly enforce the clock for all speakers. SERMEx is the place to condense your ideas into a compelling 15-minute talk that communicates your best ideas. We’ve found that a carefully prepared presentation of this length can have astonishing impact.

How do I submit my presentation materials?
We will issue a ‘Call for Presentation’ and you may submit your presentation materials for reviewing. If you did not receive a ‘Call for Presentation’, you may submit your presentation materials on our website.

Can I be a speaker if I am not a member of CIISCM?

Unfortunately, no. You will have to be a CIISCM member to join us as a speaker. You may apply through our online form to be a CIISCM member. CIISCM Membership will cost you USD $195.

How the presentation materials is validated?

The presentation materials will be submitted to the Board of Advisors who will then intensely review the quality and content of the presentation. It will then be scored and decided upon it’s classification.

Can my presentation contain advertisement about my company and can I use it as a selling platform?
Unfortunately, no. Strictly no selling in this platform. Commercially focused/vendor promotional/sales proposals will not be considered.

Do speakers need to pay the fee?
Speakers do not need to pay the fee of the participation. They will be able to attend the conference FOC.

What do you pay speakers?
SERMEx does not pay speakers. The travel costs and hotel accommodation are borne by the speakers themselves.

What is the benefit to attend SERMEx?

You will be able to exchange name cards and network among the security professionals across many fields and all around the world. Benefit of speaking at SERMEx is, the presentation that get highly rated will be beautifully produced, and broadcast-quality video series in CIISCM website for viewing.

Can I use the same materials to present in all the SERMEx over the year?
Yes you may if it differs from location.

Is there a specific theme?

No, as long as the presentation stay within the lines of security, risk and crisis management.

Will I be able to attend SERMEx if my presentation material is rejected?

Yes, definitely you will be able to attend SERMEx.

Can my presentation material talk about other industries than security industry?

Yes, but your material should contain elements of security, risk and crisis management. For example, you may talk about entertainment industry, but you should talk about security elements in the entertainment industry.


We would like to ensure people who are like-minded are able to gain more knowledge and understand better in regards to the corporate security management and risk industry from attending SERMEx. Designed exclusively as a platform to feature influential individuals who are keen to sharing their thoughts about security, crisis and risk management, this platform will elevate your career or perhaps even assist you in how you can improve it.

This conference will help you gain new information in regards to keeping our community safe and sound. It is guaranteed that SERMEx will fill your day with insightful speeches, though-provoking ideas and mind-blowing conversation. Besides that, you would be able to come together and make a difference with new acquaintances, brainstorming ideas which could be used into transforming the security industry into a better place while reducing the threat of terrorism within our community. This is your chance to come together to make new connections and establish your connections with people from all over the world with a vast amount of experience and various backgrounds. Not forgetting, you will be able to. For participants who are interested in networking, mingling and finding out more information, this is your chance right now to register for an affordable price. Our mission is to ensure people who are like-minded would be able to gain more knowledge and understand better in regards to the corporate security management and risk industry.

Conference Fee
CIISCM Full Member Rate : FREE
CIISCM Subscriber Rate : RM 360
Supporting Organisation Member Rate : RM 600
Non-Member Rate : RM 780
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